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Clothing Deals in Indiana

Clothing Store Coupons

With today’s economic downturn finding ways to save money, wherever possible, is of utmost importance. Who has the time or money to pay full retail price when you could be getting as much as 50% off your purchase? Clothing stores are no different and finding coupons to save money is now easier than ever. Not only are there coupons for JC Penny, Mervyns, GAP, Forever 21 and more available in newspapers, magazines and mail-out pamphlets, but there are also a number of websites dedicated to providing coupons for such stores.

These websites not only offer coupons and special discounts to clothing stores, but also to other stores like hardware, grocery and pet supply stores, as well as many others. This means that you can do all your coupon gathering in one place, without having to jump around from website to website.

All you have to do to find those coupons is type “clothing store coupons” into any search engine. You may be surprised to discover that several websites pop up, offering coupons and other discounts for clothing stores. These coupons can be used towards any clothes in that respective store, unless they state otherwise. For example, a 20% off coupon to PacSun can be used towards men’s jeans, women’s jeans, shoes, men’s shirts and women’s tops. Most coupons cannot be combined with other offers, such as additional coupons to that store. An example would be that you can’t combine a buy-one-get-one free offer to JC Penny with a 35% off coupon. So what are you waiting for? An endless supply of coupons is literally at your fingertips as you sit here reading this. Go get ‘em.

How to Find Sales at Clothing Stores

For most fashion enthusiasts finding sales at clothing stores is a must, mainly because of the frequency of how often we purchase new clothes. It’s not financially viable to spend $100 – or more – every week or two on new articles of clothing. We also may not have the time to visit clothing stores, the mall or outlet malls to search for sales all the time. So how do you find sales on clothes without visiting those respective stores to check? We’re going to try to answer that for you.

As an alternative to finding sales at clothing stores, you can also check out bargain stores, such as Old Navy, Kohl’s, GAP and more. Often these stores not only have sales, but carry very trendy and fashionable styles of clothing. For instance, Old Navy often has women’s jeans for $20! If that’s not a bargain, we don’t know what it.

Almost every clothing store has summer and winter clearance sales. This means that they are trying to get rid of their winter clothes (in spring and summer) and summer clothes (in fall and winter). Typically seasonal clearance sales at clothing stores range from 30% to 70% of previous retail price. You may have to find the exact dates these sales occur, but you can practically guarantee on them occurring sometime after the weather starts to turn warm or visa-versa.

Outlet clothing stores (stores located in outlet malls) regularly have sales – not just clearance sales. In fact, they are renowned for offering sales pretty much continually. This means you won’t have to check if they’re having a sale, you can just go there and find clothes at up to 75% off, or sometimes even more.

Lastly, name brand clothing is always top dollar. While name brand clothing appeals to many of us, the fact of the matter is that “discount” brands offer perfectly fashionable and up-to-date clothes. They often look just like the name brand clothes, but may cost half the price.

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